Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cura de Slabire cu Presopunctura

  • 2 zile fructe si vegetale
  • 2 zile lactate iaurt 3.2% si kefir
  • 2 zile fructe si vegetale.
Se repeta dupa 6 zile.
24 de ore se impart in 3:
  • de la 4. a.m -12 a.m se bea apa si ceai.
  • 12.a.m 8 p.m se maninca 5-6 mese pe zi din cele de mai sus.
  • intre 8 p.m si 4 a.m nu se mai maninca nimic.
La fiecare 2 ore se apasa de 40 de ori punctele de presopunctura cu magneti (1 mm patrat) de dupa ureche de 40 de ori.
Am folosit doua saptamini punctul 19. A treia saptamina punctul 18 de pe cap.

Other info.

Listed below are the twelve primary energy meridians, their time periods and the main emotions linked with them:
1. Karate Chop Point - Small Intestine Meridian
1. LUNG MERIDIAN (3am - 5am); grief, intolerance
2. LARGE INTESTINE MERIDIAN (5am - 7am); guilt
3. STOMACH MERIDIAN (7am - 9am); disgust, greed
4. SPLEEN MERIDIAN (9am - 11am); worry, anxiety about the future
5. HEART MERIDIAN (11am - 1pm); joy, anger
6. SMALL INTESTINE MERIDIAN (1pm - 3pm); insecurity, sadness
7. BLADDER MERIDIAN (3pm - 5pm); fright, impatient, restless
8. KIDNEY MERIDIAN (5pm - 7pm); fear, indecision
9. PERICARDIUM/CIRCULATION-SEX (7pm - 9pm); hurt, extreme joy, jealousy, regret
10. TRIPLE WARMER/THYROID MERIDIAN (9pm - 11pm); hopelessness, depression, despair
11. GALL BLADDER MERIDIAN (11pm - 1am); rage, wrath
12. LIVER MERIDIAN (1am - 3am); anger, unhappiness

The tapping points for EFT are located at specific points along the Chinese meridians. These points are at the beginning or end of the pathways or where the pathways rise close to the surface. Here is the list of tapping points for the Short-Cut Version of EFT and their associated meridians:
2. Top of Head - Governing Meridian
3. Beginning of Eyebrow Point - start point of the Bladder Meridian, Stomach Meridian
4. Side of Eye Point - end point of the Triple Warmer Meridian, beginning point of the the Gall Bladder Meridian, Small Intestine Meridian
5. Under the Eye Point - Stomach Meridian
6. Under Nose Point - end point of the Governing Meridian, Large Intestine Meridian
7. Chin Point - end point of the Central or Conception Meridian, Stomach Meridian
8. Collarbone Point - Kidney Meridian
9. Under Arm Point - ending point of the Spleen Meridian

Unele metode indica folosirea punctelor de presopunctura din interiorul urechii.

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